Bookings & Class Packs

Live Zoom classes
Pay as you go

You can pay as you go for individual classes by clicking on the 'Sign Up' button next to your chosen class the Class Timetable (click button below). 

Purchasing Class packs & the VIP subscription

Alternatively, you can purchase one of the class packs (click on the pack buttons below) or join the Reclaim Movement VIP tribe to access any live class and the entire on demand library by clicking on the links below.

Having purchased a class pack or subscription you will still need to book in for the class you plan to attend to receive the unique Zoom code for the class. Simply click the 'Sign Up' button on the class in the timetable and then click the 'Do you have a pack/subscription? Sign in here' button the Ribbon booking system will recognise you. You can book in up to 1 hour beforehand and the zoom link will be emailed to you.

Class Packs
A Term is 5 weeks of continuous classes and finishes at the end of the current term.
Unlimited Live Zoom classes & On Demand Combined

Or for the best deal; access Reclaim Movement coaching live during the live coaching terms and also delivered On Demand all year round, click here or on the VIP logo here for more information:

Private coaching: 1 to 1, Small Group in Oxford or Zoom

To enquire about availability and to book Reclaim Movement Private coaching click on the following button and tell me about your movement situation and how your preferred coaching option: