Live Classes & Coaching Options

Online Group Classes - £60 - 5 week term


'Natural Mobility' Tuesdays 9:15am 'Essential Skills' Wednesdays 9:15 am - see descriptions below.

Sign up for a half-term of 5 consecutive sessions online via Zoom. Any equipment needed will be communicated beforehand but will be household items. 

Sessions are aimed a following along and have less ability for individual feedback due to the nature of the medium.

Small Friends Group -

£60 - 5 wks or £40 - 3 wks



Agreed Appointment

For groups of 3 friends who wish to train together at a mutually convenient time each week. These sessions can be in my garden & Cumnor Hill private gym & garden  (weather dependant) or online.  

Sessions are aimed at the average group ability and have regressions and progressions with feedback on technique. 

1to1 Private Coaching  - £50/hr (bulk discounts)

Zoom Private Coaching.jpg



If you would like an individually tailored programme I offer a FREE 1/2 hour New Client Assessment for all those booking private sessions. I will assess your physical capability and discuss your goals (from my online questionnaire).


This information then guides the content of the sessions and acts as a start point to compare to later.

Which online group class should I choose? 

What is the typical structure of a session?

Sessions typically start with a ground-based warm-up looking at increasing mobility and learning good technique in floor-sitting, transitions between floor positions and get-ups (to and from the floor). This part of the class is longer in the 'Natural Mobility' class.


We then move on to an ‘Emphases’ section focusing on particular skill(s), where we break down specific skills into techniques and build them up to then challenge our learning and test our body's capability. 

We then have a ‘Combo’ session where we integrate the skill learned with previous skills and put them together into a more challenging continual movement section, before finally cooling down and stretching.


'Natural Mobility' sessions focus more on the developmental sequences and introduce the foundations of the skill techniques, and 'Essential Skills' sessions put more focus on the Emphases and Combo sections. I can offer regressions and progressions to each movement so you train at the level you are most comfortable and also give you something to work towards.


For private sessions the pace will be determined by your particular movement abilities and pace of improvement.