Reclaim essential practical movement

Natural movement training helps you find greater strength, mobility and confidence, so you can enjoy moving through the world, always.

What is natural movement?

A person's ability to move well is the sum of the quality of their entire day's movements, every day - not just in 'exercise' sessions. 

Natural movement helps you become aware of the quality of your movements all the time.

Classes teach you good technique in everything from sitting on and getting up and down from the floor, stepping up and over, lifting correctly and other daily movements. They also introduce other skills you are less likely to practice during your normal day, that reinforce healthy movement patterns like squatting, crawling and balancing and up to jumping & hanging.


The benefits are helping protect against injury, strengthening the body in good alignment and healthy movement patterns. It also increases and maintains good mobility which gives you the confidence to move more throughout your day, whatever your age and for the rest of your life - we all want that, don't we?!

Classes & Coaching 

Location: private gym on Cumnor Hill, Oxford or online via Zoom​

Group Classes on Zoom


Blocks of sessions: receive a Zoom link and move from your own home. Any equipment needed will be communicated beforehand but will be household items.

Friends Group Coaching 


Groups of 3 or 4 friends at a mutually convenient time each week. Sessions can be in my Garden & Cumnor Hill Private Gym or on Zoom.

Private 1to1 Coaching 

Zoom Private Coaching.jpg

Individually tailored programme after a FREE New Client Assessment discussing your physical capability and your goals to inform the content of the sessions.