What is natural movement?

Natural movements are the full range of movements the human body has always needed for survival. 


As our daily environments become safer and humans become more sedentary there is a greater need for us to reclaim many of the movements we have lost as a result of this lifestyle.


Moving as many of our muscles as regularly as we can and moving our joints in a wider range of motion helps us ensure our bodies not only stay healthy and strong, but can in fact thrive in all the decades of our lives.

What’s different about natural movement?


Natural movement training comes from breaking down human movement patterns into specific skills which we can train our bodies to perform with good technique and efficiency. 


Techniques as simple as being able to get up and down from the ground safely, crawling, balancing and lifting correctly, up to (for those who want to go further) jumping and climbing. 

The skills


In natural movement training, we look at the skills humans are 'designed' to perform and break them down into practical techniques - all of which have a range of regressions and progressions.

The skills include Ground Positions (including Squatting), Ground Movements, Get Ups (from the ground), Crawling, Balancing, Stepping Up, Down, Over & Under, Lifting & Carrying, Throwing & Catching, Jumping & Hanging.

I split training into 2 levels. The entry level is called 'Natural Mobility', progressing on to the next level; 'Essential Skills'.

The levels overlap as we cover many of the same skills in both levels, however with 'Natural Mobility' the pace is more gentle with the emphasis being on gaining increased movement health. 'Essentials Skills' covers more challenging skills, with the emphasis on building strength and a greater element of conditioning.

To achieve a balanced skill-set and therefore healthy whole-body movement patterns, we work on all the skills, even those with which we feel less comfortable. Where we start with each movement skill depends on your current movement ability - you may need to first increase your mobility or you may feel ready to start moving through the skills. 


Becoming aware of your current movement skill-set and becoming more aware of how you move in general is the starting point. With regular practice and applying increased movement to your daily life, you will notice the improvement in your skills that in turn improve your overall strength & mobility. Increased awareness combined with the improvement in your movement gives you the confidence to move more safely, efficiently, enjoyably and hopefully more in general!

How does natural movement benefit your body?


When we have functional capability, the whole body works together in good movement patterns, so we protect ourselves against injury by becoming stronger, more flexible and therefore more adaptable. Then we can have more fun with our everyday movement. 


The result is feeling great (in body and mind), having fun while doing it, and being able to move through life with confidence in our movement...in every decade of our lives. 

Who would benefit from practising natural movement?


Everyone can feel the benefits of improving their movement patterns; both the quality and quantity.


I offer tailored programmes to suit your personal needs and work progressively toward your personal goals.

is for you if you…
  • have become disconnected from your natural movements patterns through normal modern living (e.g. sitting at a desk for many hours of the day or rarely getting down to the floor) and you are experiencing fear of certain movements through previous injury (this was me...read my story) or you are generally experiencing reduced mobility, stability or strength.

  • enjoy exercise, but want to try something different to your usual exercise regime to challenge your movement skill set to find gaps in your movement patterns and train in a more ‘natural’ way (complementing your current movement goals). 

  • have heard about the benefits of natural movement and want to learn more